The Equinox box

Series and Audiobook by JJ Jackson

Int. Space cargo frigget orbiting a spacestation – Space

In a distant future the earth has exploded into three pieces Earth 1, Earth 2 and Earth 3.

Life still exists in this dystopian future, humanity has still found ways to survive.

The rich have managed to secure the biggest fragment Earth 1.

The poorer members of society scavenge to survive on Earth 2 a military planet.

Whilst Earth 3 has become a toxic pirate planet barren and lawless.

It was 2023, New Core Corporation (NCC) created the first antigravity field. They used this technology not only to create flying machines but also to create energy fields. These energy fields create adjustable impenetrable walls that could withstand the power of  a nuclear blast.

In 2025 when learning of the earths actual core breakdown, the people of earth praised NCC’s invention as a planet saver.

Watching from the comfort of the moon, the NCC and its Members as well as handful of billionaires who could afford to leave the Earth, watched from a safe distance as the Earth tore itself into three pieces killing millions.

And after the dust settled, the invention did in fact keep the earths atmosphere and water intact, all be it in its new three fragmented form. Many perished.

Less than one hundred years has past and Earth 1, 2 and 3 are all inhabited. But none are what you expect.

All three new planets pay a tribute to NCC for the continuous use of the energy field protecting their planet, and thus allowing them to live and breath. None are allowed to leave. As all Air and Space are owned by the New Core Corporation and their elite NCC fighter squadron.

Humans are now faced with only two options:

  1. Work and mine on Earth 2 for the resources that keep the rich in opulence on Earth 1
  2. Try escaping death by the NCC fighters to go and hide on Earth 3 in even worse conditions.

I’ve never thought of escaping to Earth 3 and live out my life as a Pirate. I ain’t got the balls to live on a planet that the NCC could destroy with a flick of a button. Besides, I’ve heard stories of how some of the rich, go down to Earth 2 and live out all kinds of sicko fantasies.

Me, I got clearance to go as far as the NCCIS space station orbiting Earth 1 on my daily delivery route. It allows me to see how the wealthy are living, from a distance. I keep my head down, I pay my bills. No family, No kids, No hassle.

You see, not everywhere on Earth 2 is shitty. Some parts are quite livable. Just like everywhere, you got you good and the bad. It maybe all controlled by NCC and their police state goons, but if you choose to keep ya head down and your nose clean, you could end up living to the ripe old age of 30.

I wasn’t alive to see the trees and grass we read about when we had schools. But at least I am privy to seeing what green is, and that’s  whenever Im lucky enough to fly closer to Earth 1.

Just now as Im writing this, I look out from my freight dock window. I see lush vegetation, blue skies and clouds so clear I could grab them. When I adjust my view and look back at the hell hole I call home, I see dusts and dark clouds. I can hardly see the surface. Pollution and mining has turned us into a people of gas masks and greasy skin. Im not sure I could even breath on Earth 1.

My cargo is that of what cant be found on Earth 1 and that is the only reason for Earth 2 existence. We live to cater to those who have all and we who have none. It’s the way it’s always been and the way it will be always.


Paperback by JJ Jackson

Int. Village hall – afternoon

An American officer greets the members of the village for the first time.

He is seated with the Mayor and a MP. Whist the Vicor addresses the room.


Town Vicor:

“As a friendly gesture, all three villages will be getting together for a real Yankee Welcome.

We’ve decided to hold a good old English knees up to be held this Saturday in Haversham County Hall, as it’s the only venue big enough to hold you/us all.”


Someone shouts from the crowed:  o.s.

“Go on tell us something, classified!”


American offier:

(Stands from his chair)

“Well, I can’t tell you about the mission.

Many of you may or may not know, we’ve had an American Base here for years.

Officially why we’re here is to offer support to our troops during a Classified extraction of equipment, from our military facility safely over to the south.

I can’t tell you exactly where it is but, It has a rail track and that leads straight through your towns and  your main Stations.

We have setup troops as well as a few of your MP’s along route. And, they are tasked with keeping you all safe and at a distance from the transport of this classified cargo.“


Someone shouts from the crowed:  o.s.

“Farmer Dulaney, says it’s something to do with those lights that’s been seen over his farm!”


American offier:

I don’t know this Farmer and I can assure you, it isn’t anything to do with any flashing lights.”


Hardback by JJ Jackson

Int: Old Oak Retirement Home: Sports & Rec room

The selected volunteers gather to meet the joiners of the outreach programme for the first time. A circle of seats had been set up resembling an AA meeting. A table had been carefully set aside and adorned with crisps and sandwiches for breaktime.

Outreach Worker:
“I’d like to welcome everyone here for the first time. Outreach Young futures – What can we learn from our elders.

This is a 2-week programme, where we will be gauging experiences between 2 generations with a view to determine societies misgiving’s, misunderstanding and misrepresentation of two major voting constituents.

Short version, how has the government failed you, failed us, failed both those just starting out on the discovery of life and those older more experienced members who are considered to be in their sunset years.

In a minute I’d like to go around the group and ask each individual to tell us one story about themselves and how they feel let down by today’s society and government legislative actions or lack thereof.

So before I point out somebody to start, Please remember, Start with your name, your age and then your story…..”


Michelle 19:

“My names Michelle. But, my friends call me Shelly.

I am 19 years old and I have one daughter LaShae, who is three.

As you can see I got another one on the way. Don’t ask me what it is yet cas I don’t even know.

I’m still with my 2nd baby father, who I love very much and I’m here because the Job Centre People said I gotta attend or they gonna cut off my money or something.”


Outreach Worker:

“Thank you, Shell. That’s a good start. Do you have a story or something that highlights the struggle you’ve been through. You know maybe as a young mother or maybe a story you remember growing up….”



“Ok, yeah right. Well my first baby father. Hess well older than me right. Hes a cunt , oh sorry mind my language…”


Outreach Worker:

“It’s ok, but try to be less – colourful.”



“Yeah yeah, Ok right. Well, Like I said, He’s much older than me and he was always like, don’t do this, you must do that. Really controlling. You know always had something he wasn’t happy with and always had something to complain about. Well, there was this one time ….”


Estates not houses

Paperback by Darren J Graham


Is it a girl?

1971 6.30pm St Thomas Hospital. Nurses are unusually rushing around even more than usual. The birth had gone perfectly, however mother was refusing to hold, touch or even look at her newborn.

“Just tell me.” She screams, eyes firmly shut, doing anything within her power not to face the direction of the baby’s cry’s. “Why won’t you just tell me!” Her voice now trembling with both anger and frustration.

“The child is fine Ms. Graham, healthy and well.” They reply.

“You know damn well that isn’t what I’m asking.” She retorts. “Is it a Girl?”

“You have a healthy and very wonderful …” She pauses shortly. “Baby Boy!”

“No, no! Not another one I won’t, I won’t!” Now obviously distraught and still with eyes firmly shut. She is now kicking in all directions and fighting any reasoning.

“If you just hold him, Ms. Graham. He needs his mother’s touch.” The midwife responds as she’s finally returned to an obvious overcrowded birthing room.

“No, I’ve already had two boys…” Shes now physically exhausted, tears streaming down her face, eyes still clenched firmly. “He promised me it would be a girl this time.” Her sobs now shaking a room full of women who start to feel sorrow and anguish for this new mother.

Nods were exchanged. Nurses and Midwives swabbing up birth membrane, whilst others restrain the new mother from getting up and leaving from her birthing position.

Shes stronger than she looks were in everyone’s eyes just as the sedation slowly starts kicking in and restraining her went to softly covering up her dignity under hospital covers.

“Does anybody know if there’s a Mr. Graham?”

“Yes mam, the father is outside in the waiting room.”

“Fetch Him Number one.”

“Yes mam.”

In those days new fathers would all huddle anxiously around a single astray in what was obviously the men’s waiting room. Four frantic fathers were all smoking nervously.

“Is there a Mr. Powell here.” A voice questions through the smokey mist.

A well-dressed man slowly stood. He calmly tilted his hat as he rose. Stubbed out his embassy filter, gave the other four working class fathers a confident yet short glance and replied. “Yeah man, Mr. Powell is here.”

The walk from the waiting room to the hospital bed wasn’t very far. But news of a mother refusing to see her child had obviously spread within that short distance. Everyone seemed a little on edge. From the receptionist to the other nurses and some of the patience also in the ward.

The only person who was calmness personified was Mr. Powell nodding as he passed everyone staring in his direction. A young handsome very well-dressed black man. Fedora hat, diamond jumper and slick slim suit trousers and expensive grey shoes to match. He didn’t as much walk but glided past everyone towards the origin of all this commotion.

“Your wife Mr. Graham….”

“Tony.” He interrupts

“Erm…? Pardon?” She replies startled.

“Tony Nathanael Powell.” He responds slowly and confidently.

“Oh, Mr. Powell.” She continues. “Your Partner is refusing to see the child and That won’t do.”

“How is she? How’s the boy.” He interrupts again knowingly

“Both Mother and Child are fine and healthy.” She replies. This time a little calmer. “She is currently under sedation due to her erratic nature, But I worry what she shall be like upon awakening.”

“She can be like that sometimes. She so wanted a girl. I so wanted to give it to her.” He smiles softly. “Can I see my boy.”

“But of course, This is Nurse Bishop. She will take you to him.”

They led my father to a room with a midwife waiting anxiously at the door. My mother was huddled in her bed facing the window. I was in a temporary newborn cot shoved away in a corner.

“She still hasn’t held the child. Not as much as a glance to the wee lad. They’ve not yet bonded.”

My father took off his hat and walked towards his youngest child for the first time. He unusually took a deep breath and peak over. I lay there in my mittens and socks blanketed and asleep. My head was exposed and my hair still looked wet with birth and shone in the lowly lit hospital bed.

“Wow his hair is amazing.” My father said turning to my mother who didn’t move. He gently cradled up his child swaddling me in the new blanket. “Violet, Violet open your eyes.” He beckoned. “Look at your child Violet.”

“No, you promised me a girl.” She whispered out.

“I know I promised you a girl. But I have gifted you an angel. Now, Look.” My father placed me on her chest almost forcing her to hold out her hand to balance the child.

She tensed and open one eye first. The yellowness of my skin had all the midwifes scratching their heads as both mother and father were obviously darker.

“Awe, he so brown.” She said now visibly intrigued. “And his hair, oh my God his hair.” She readjusted herself and held the baby aloft. “Thats my baby. That’s my little Angel.”

With that, mother and child bonded as she fed her newborn for the first time. It was magical. Everyone in the room smiled.


Series by JJ Jackson

Four teenage boys are sitting in their car under a high-rise smoking and cracking joke. 

They hear an argument above their heads but can’t quite make out the exact context. 

Suddenly the foreign dialect turns English and it’s clear this is a robbery gone wrong. The crew are back at base and are not happy. 

Everyone in the car is silent, trying to make out who these guys are and what the hell is going to happen next. 

There’s an obvious struggle in the apartment above as the teenagers hear the scuffle. 

Then a brief silence.  

Then BLAM!!!! 

A bag comes crashing down onto the car bonnet. 

Wonderblast: The Wonderful World of Witches, Wizards and Warlocks.

Movie by JJ Jackson

Audio sample:




“Witches and Wizards have been at war between each other for Hundreds of years. No one can quite remember who started the war or why. But there is a passage in the Great book of Sorcery that describes a time before Witches and Wizards. A time where Warlocks ruled. Dragons and Dinosaurs. Giants and Gods, Creatures and beings not of this world. 


The world of witches and wizards runs parallel to this reality but can only be seen by those with enchanted glasses. If you see someone with glasses, there’s a high possibility they are either a Witch or a Wizard. 


Witches have always been able to carve out a living since they originally started selling broomsticks and haberdashery to everyday people. After hundreds of years, they are now the world’s largest suppliers of electronics and household appliances, hoovers in particular. 


Wizards’, who originally had a harder time adapting to modern times, were shunned for their alchemy and chemistry practices in the past. Today society, however, has embraced biotechnology and Wizards have now become Big pharmaceutical giants. 


The War between Witches and Wizards still battles on to this day. Fueled by hatred and envy of one another and paid for by their booming business economies. 

The world feels the brunt of the war between two giants, hidden in plain view. Masked by the cloud of magic and blinding billions from the truth. 

Who am I? I am a Magicanition. A mixture of Magician and Technician. Most Witches and Wizards still have to work for a living. But our work is enchanted with spells and tech. 

Take Lila here, she specializes in Spells & History. She’s a Spelli-torian. We speak a lot like that round here. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. 


Do Witches still ride on broomsticks? In today’s day, they use enchanted hoovers. But that’s not how they get around. They can teleport to any home that has an enchanted device. And because they own the electronic business, you can guess they enchant every device they make before shipping them out for worldwide sale. 


With a quick spell and a little help of some tech. Witches can enter any home on the planet, as long as an enchanted device is in that home. Wizards can’t follow, but they can track and they’re very fast at tracking. 


Wizards get around using chemistry and portals. Slightly different and it can only be used when outside. 


Wizards have mastered the dark arts of chemistry and have created air born weapons and magical toxins that deform or enhance. All those stories of Bigfoots or Ghosts. Most probably a Wizard out there doing some stuff they’re not supposed to. 


And what of Warlocks I hear you ask? Well Warlocks are a lot like police. They patrol the earth and try keep everything in balance. They side with neither Witch nor Wizard. But are tasked with keeping both sides in check. 

True Warlocks are immune to both magic spell and potion. And with enough training, become masters of each.  


There’s a long linage of Warlocks dating back before the Great book. However, over time their numbers have fallen. The battle has taken its toll on all sides. Wizards have been getting stronger and this world is slowly succumbing to their influence. The balance is tilting.” 



“So, Magic is really Technology. Spells are really chemistry. Broomsticks were real and are now Hoovers. Witches run the electronic world. Wizards run the pharmaceutical world and they’re both fighting a war that no one remembers who started.” 



(Takes out some glasses from his coat)

“And you need these glasses to see it all…” 



(Points to his glasses)

“But I’m wearing glasses?” 



(Points to the glasses in his hands)

“But they need to be enchanted.” 



“So any kind of glasses but they need to be enchanted?” 



(Tries to hand Prince the glasses)

“Yes, as long as they’re enchanted.” 



(Refuses and points to his own glasses)

“So why not just enchant these.” 



(Points to his glasses) 

“These ones are already enchanted!” 



(pointing to a watch that is hanging from the Magicanations waistcoat)

“Is that enchanted?”



(Points to his glasses) 

“Yes, its enchanted but its not these.”



(Points to his glasses) 

“But these ones are way cooler.” 



(Tries to give away his glasses) 

“I don’t have time to enchant those right now.” 



(Pushes back the glasses) 

“But aren’t you a powerful Witch?” 



“Yes, I do have some skills…” 



“Can’t witches control time?” 



“With the correct spell and the right motivation… Hey, I know what you’re doing. Just put these on!” 



“Well, if you ain’t that powerful just say so. I mean…” 



“Just, put these on. Little Prince.” 



(Finally takes the glasses but holds them out and inspects them)

“OK, alright. I’m just saying, you could’ve enchanted some ray bans or something. Jeeze…” 



“As you now see little Prince, the world is not what it first seems. There is a world inside your world that you must now become a part of. Your name is Prince for a reason. You come from a line of Warlocks dating back before the Great Book. 


I am here to start your training. Your life shall never be the same.


You haven’t put on the glasses yet have you?


Put them on.” 




“So no school tomorrow then?” 



“Well, you still got school. I mean, we’ll have to sort of, fit in the training. What’s your er, weekends like?” 



“Well, I got chores, I help out my mums….” 



“… OK, good, that’s nice….” 



“… I work at my Uncles store on weekends …” 



“Aaagh, you got me again!! I saw what you did there.


Put on the glasses.”


Prince puts on the glasses and a whole realm opens up before his very eyes.



“Cough. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Witches, Wizards & Warlocks!” 






Bunnys Bit of Bother

The Colouring & Story Rhyming Book for Kids